Gail Rollman

Development Director of Friendship Circle Los Angeles

“Berenice does a terrific job in writing pieces for our non-profit organization. Her reporting skills are top notch as evidenced in her completed pieces that are published in the newspapers we advertise in and in our organization’s emails and publicity materials. She is thorough in taking notes resulting in a writing piece that is not only accurate but interesting to read. She includes relevant quotes and sets the stage for the event she is covering so readers really gets a wonderful feel for what happened. Her words are expressive and not repetitive which makes it a pleasure to read!

Berenice interviews and writes about our children who have special needs, the parents of these challenged children, the teen volunteers who are matched with our children, donors and our staff – In each setting, she is respectful, insightful and knows how to approach each person in a way that makes them feel comfortable and want to talk with her- a gift! We value Berenice’s intellect, her writing skills and people skills. Berenice is always on time for the events she is covering- which is very important, she is ready to get to work, and is dependable in getting the publicity piece done on time which is critical when dealing with publications that have strict deadlines.

I would highly recommend Berenice as she has been a superb addition to our team. She aims to please and get the job done in a timely manner.”

Chris Andrews

Editor and Publisher of News For Shoppers

“Berenice is a smart and talented writer who has written at News For Shoppers for several years. Her writing is clear, easy to read, mistake free, and well SEO’d. She is one of our most trusted and dependable journalists. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any project you have.”