Do you need someone to tell your stories?

I can write it for you!

I’m Berenice Famili, a freelance writer for hire, who lives for the art of storytelling through the written word.

I write once upon a time stories…Alright not gonna go all fairytale on you! But, really! I can bring your stories to life!

How you may ask?

Well, I help print and online publications by writing newsworthy articles and blog posts that inform target audiences.

These are my specialties

Entertainment/Pop Culture/Dating Stories

Personal Stories

Nonprofit stories


Local News Stories

But, fear not! My services are not limited to these industries.
I deliver well-researched and fact based articles with catchy headlines that match a publication’s voice. Oh, and my absolute favorite, I love interviewing sources to further enhance a story.
I can also write stories with a whimsical and creative edge!

If you are ready for me to write your stories, Contact me today and I promise you will live happily ever after.